Simple iPhone Repairs That You Can Perform at Home Using Very Few Tools

Customers love their iPhones, but many people dislike the way Apple handles its warranties and insurance policies. The company fiercely guards its intellectual property. Apple expects you to go into in an Apple retail store if you need a repair. There are thankfully a few very simple fixes that may interest you if you’re looking to avoid spending excess money repairing your phone.


Operating System Issues

You can usually repair Apple operating system issues on your own. Apple’s iOS is integrated into the hardware seamlessly, so it’s very rare that you’ll need to repair it. If the phone’s interface appears bugged or broken, then you should consider doing a hard reset of the operating system. Factory resets are a great option if you’re not sure about the specific problem you’re dealing with. You won’t lose your data if you back it up onto the iCloud storage system.

Turn the phone off. Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer, and insert the power cord into the USB slot of your PC or Mac. Plug the cable into your iPhone. Hold down the volume and power button. A support screen should appear on the iPhone. Now check your PC or Mac. Select the option that allows you to restore your iPhone. The recovery may take a few minutes, but this should complete the installation. You will see the startup interface when you access your phone. You can now complete the installation process. Use your Apple ID to access your old files and folders.


Screen Replacement

iPhone screens are durable, but they’re not invulnerable. If your iPhone isn’t insured, then you can try buying a screen and replacing it yourself. This only takes about five minutes if you know what you’re doing. Turn the iPhone off. You’ll need a pentalobe screwdriver, a suction cup and tweezers. Remove the screws and use the suction cup to pull the screen out. You’ll to pry the sides with the tweezers or another thin object.

Carefully remove the remaining clamps that attach the screen to the phone. You can now install the new screen. Remove the pieces still screwed to the screen and attach them to the new screen the same way. You should install the new screen by reattaching the clamps and putting the screws back into the phone. The whole process is pretty simple, so consider giving it a try if you have an old iPhone that needs its screen replaced.


Changing the Battery

Replacing an iPhone battery is also very easy. You can simply remove the pentalobe screws and use the suction cup method described earlier to take the screen off. Now you can simply use a tri-wing screwdriver to remove the inner screws around the battery. Carefully pry the battery out with a thin object and replace it. Simply pop the battery out and reassemble the phone. It’s a very good idea to use a visual guide to make sure you don’t mess anything up. You can also use a service if you don’t want to follow instructions on where to replace iphone battery. That’s probably the most convenient option for most of you out there.