Game Consoles of 2016

Choosing the right game console is a hard decision to make. Game consoles are specially made and pre-packaged computers that are designed for playing video games on your television. There are three real players in town when it comes to game consoles and they are Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Microsoft and Sony provide some powerful gaming consoles. Xbox One and Xbox 360 by Microsoft and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 by Sony are some gamer dream consoles. Nintendo has its own charm with Wii U consoles, which are family friendly and have exclusive games like Zelda and Mario. Let us take a look at some great gaming consoles that you can buy in 2016.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has come out with some spectacular graphics, exclusive gameplay to provide you with some extraordinary entertainment. You can explore vivid game worlds with some very cool and rich visuals with up to 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling for video content. It is compatible with every PS4 game and allows you to play online with other PS4 players too. It supports faster frame rates to deliver super sharp action to gamers on select PS4 games. The console has a 1TB hard drive which works well with all PS4 games, accessories, and apps. It outputs an HDR and 4K signal which is compatible with high-end TVs.

However, the reviews about this console say that it only shows noticeable improvements for some limited number of games. Another drawback is that it does not play Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray discs.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Microsoft’s Xbox One S has come with 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, and HDR. You can play all the greatest game lineups including the Xbox 360 classic games on this console. It is also 40% smaller than the old Xbox console. But this little thing has a 2TB of internal storage making it the most advanced Xbox ever. You can experience colors that are more luminous with higher contrast ratio between darks and lights on this console. It has a high dynamic range technology, which really brings out the true visual depths of the game. It is a slick device, which works great with Bluetooth devices as well. The drawbacks of the device are that its 4K, HDR and Ultra HR Blu-ray setting only work with newer television sets and many require trial and error first. Thou this updated controller feels cheap as compared to its predecessor if you already have a Xbox then there is no use in upgrading rather you should wait for the most powerful Xbox One successor, Project Scorpio which is set to come in late 2017.