Finding the Best Cameras for Kids

Any parent will have some experience with their child trying to grab their cell phone or digital camera in order to take a photo. While you may allow your children to do so occasionally, doing so poses the risk that your child will want to do so again, and potentially lead to destroying your prized possession. To counter this, many parents will buy their children their own children’s camera which may provide entertainment for your child or serve as protection on your own expensive device. There are many different models of kid’s cameras out there and some of them have unique features that may appeal to you based on the age and experience of your children. Here are some of the key factors behind the best kid’s cameras that are out there.


Kid’s Cameras for Really Small Children


Small children under three won’t benefit from a real camera the way other bigger kids do, although that won’t stop them from trying to play with your device. There are many different toy kid’s cameras that help to fill in the gap before real cameras can be used. Any play children’s camera such as the ones typically available at less than $20 will work here. Just make sure there are interactive buttons and sounds that children under three enjoy pressing and playing with. Once they get older some more advanced features will be more appreciated.


Kid’s Cameras for Older Children


While older kids may try to take photos, the typically do not take many quality pictures, and resolution, zoom, and other high-end features are not so important. What is, however, is finding cameras with additional features such as the ability to play games, music, and adjust photos with different filters and tags. These features will add to the play ability of these cameras and allow them to become more introduced to the various features of the kids digital camera so they can continue to grow. Some kids cameras allow you to print photos instantly, but come with the negative of a higher cost associated with printing each photo. It is often better to stick to a device that has its own internal memory storage so that you can download those keepers and delete the mindless photos that many children take. Focus on cameras that are durable and won’t easily break to maximize the length that their camera survives.


Best Camera for Kids


The Vtech Kidizoom, which comes in many derivations, is a well-known camera that works for kids. It is highly durable, attractively colored, and has many fun games and other features that let your children play for extended periods of time. The Vtech kidizoom is an affordable model to use particularly if you go back a generation or two and get a steep discount. Also look for waterproofing options for a great camera fir your children that can stands all the rigor of tough use.