Ideas: Easy Ways To Increase Workplace Productivity

Companies want to get the most from employees. Every company has business leaders that are going to be all ears when it comes to finding out how the company can gain productivity. The following highlights some of the ways that make productivity possible inside of the workplace.


The 4 Day Work Week

Companies that are currently utilizing a 5-day work week will see a great increase in productivity if there is a switch to a 4-day work week. The reason for this is simple. People need an incentive to get the work done so that there will not be a switch back to 5 days. This means that they are going to do everything that they need to do and more to ensure that they continue to have that fifth day off. The three day weekend is a great incentive for any employee to do their very best between Monday and Thursday.


Break Room Snacks

A lot of major corporations have implemented the workroom snacks or meals according to this article interviewing Zeb Evans and asking his opinion on optimizing work culture. This may seem like a small thing, but it is subconsciously something that employees are going to appreciate. When they have access to free snacks they are going to be more compelled to do the work because they do not want to lose these types of perks that come with the job. Every company does not offer things like free beverages or snacks in the break room area. There are some companies, however, have an endless amount of snacks available, and this has been proven to increase productivity. What it is essentially does is save employees money, and all employees are interested in saving money.


Nap Pods

It may seem like the reverse of productivity, but getting nap pods in the workplace may be that secret key to unlocking workplace productivity. If there are rooms that people can go into to take that power nap it becomes easier for them to get through the work day. A lot of people find themselves becoming very sluggish after lunch. They need that power nap to become productive through the rest of the day. It gives them a chance to recharge. It also helps them make fewer mistakes. This is going to increase their efficiency because they are not spending the rest of the day doing work that they have struggled to complete because they are sleepy.


Work from Home

All the employees favorite this, but companies are not always willing to implement working from home. It is much more efficient, however, for people to work from home if there is a long commute. The time that is spent in traffic could actually be spent working. These employees may even work longer hours because they can start earlier.


Airpods: The Unexpected Item You Need To Have

Why we use Air Pods:

We all know how important sound is. We as humans are constantly listening to something, whether it be the sound of cars passing by, or the ticking of a clock. Sound is a part of everyday life. We now live in a time where we can choose what we listen to. If we are sitting in the car we can turn on the radio, or if we are at the gym we can throw on our favorite tunes. Look around you, odds are someone around you has a pair of head phones in. If you look even closer most people are now tuning in to their favorite sound using Air Pods.

Technology has finally got to the point where we as humans have created not only headphones, but wireless tiny pods that fit in our ears. It is unarguably amazing and it is no wonder why the majority of people now own a pair of Air Pods. Odds are you as the reader has a pair, or will eventually own a pair.

If you are anything like me you don’t want to be considered basic, or like everyone around you, so how do you aim to be unique in a world full of Air Pod wearing humans? Let me tell you about this amazing new product to pair with your newest technology accessory.

Why you need custom Air Pod Cases:

Yes you read that right. You can get your very own custom case for your Air Pod head phones. You can be as unique as you want with your design! You can put your name on your case so that there is no mistaking that they are yours. You can also choose what color or pattern you want and even customize the color. Some even use a custom airpod photo for their case. The options are endless. There is even a leather option, seriously I told you the options are endless.

The quality of the Air Pod case is definitely worth it in itself. It is made of sturdy silicone material, so they will be safe whether you throw them in your bag, or lose them in your backpack. You will be very impressed how the case and your Air Pods will stay looking brand new. This is one of the best Air Pod cases out there.

It is really a relief to have a strong sturdy case for a product you love and are always carrying around with you. You are guaranteed to love your very own custom Air Pod case.

You will love this product so much, that you might want to tell all your friends about it. Or you could just get them each their very own custom case for the holiday season or even their birthday. It’s a gift that will leave all of them very happy. You will thank me later, and so will they!

Pro Tip: Keep your airpods clean! They gather dust and gunk quite fast, so make sure to clean them properly at least once per week, here is a great video showcasing you how to clean them:


Getting A Better Understanding Of How A Web Marketing Team Helps Your Business

Web marketing is the concept that many businesses need that business leaders do not see a need for in the early stages. There are a wide number of entrepreneurs that start out with a business and a website that is not getting much business at all. These entrepreneurs that are well versed in traditional marketing are not considering the true benefits of web marketing. Over time it becomes more evident that it is difficult to successfully run any business without quality web marketing services like Web Marketing Brisbane.

Social Media Presence

Social media is definitely a part of the world wide web, and it becomes harder to reach customers if there is no web marketing done on any of these platforms. A single tweet or re-post can result in thousands of people that connect with your website in a matter of minutes. It is not wise to overlook this type of web market.

Fantasy Vs. Reality

Entrepreneurs start businesses because they are passionate about what they are doing. It is only natural to assume that everyone else will have the same type of passion about the business that they are creating. They believe that customers are going to come because they are providing such a good service. This is the entrepreneur inside of their own fantasy world where their passion is more than enough to ignite the flame that brings customers their way.

In reality a website can sit idle for months at a time before anyone ever sees it. When a web marketing services company comes on board you get a serious dose of reality. Since these marketing professionals have been doing this type of work they can give you a fairly decent estimate about the amount of traffic you will receive once the work is done. They can give you an overview of the visitors that you can expect on a daily or weekly basis. They can also help you enhance the website by cutting out those things that are not beneficial to attracting customers. These are the professionals that can put things in perspective for the overly passionate entrepreneur that has good intentions with no real perspective on the reality of marketing online.

Cutting Costs

Entrepreneurs do not think about it initially, but digital marketing is going to help cut cost in terms of advertising. There are fees associated with getting web marketing services in place, but the work that these professionals do will result in continuous marketing streams that you do not have to pay for. The entrepreneur that is passing out flyers and brochures for the business may not have the same results with a continuous stream of marketing for the business. Printing out advertisements and getting these advertisements in the hands of consumers can be costly. Digital marketing is much more effective in a lot less cumbersome because it becomes a bigger online word of mouth campaign.

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The Differences In Bluehost Service Now That EIG Has Taken Over

The New Bluehost

By now everyone has heard that EIG took over Bluehost. But what about the changes this has resulted in? Site owners have experienced issues with their sites going down, no available support and losing their data. Other site owners have been satisfied with the new service. EIG is the parent company of numerous hosting companies including Bluehost, Host Gator and ASO. Most of their issues are believed to be growing pains.

The Shared Servers

The most common issue with Bluehost is the sites of their users go down as often as thirty minutes per day. Bluehost is often enable to migrate these users to an alternate server. If too large a portion of the shared server’s resources are used the site can be temporarily blocked. This is because their shared servers are packed with sites. On occasion entire sites have been lost. There are numerous complaints regarding the lack of or ineffectiveness of support management. The most common complaint is their knowledge does not surpass general tech support. There have also been instances where sites have referred back to where they were years before. The best piece of advice is for all site owners to consistently back up their sites.

The Affiliate Program

Bluehost is inexpensive. The entry cost is just $7.99 per month. Their affiliate program has an extremely high payout with a high of $64 for each referral including the base referrals. Many of the site hosts are unfamiliar with the technical side and are not receiving the assistance they require. Any issues can be handled with developer communities familiar with these situations. This being said there are still numerous clients not experiencing any issues.

The Contract

One of the issues is many site owners have a contract. This means if they choose to leave Bluehost and break their contracts the fees can get extremely expensive. The cost for consistent backups is approximately $10 each month and highly recommended. This often includes a secure remote backup, a test restore option and an auto restore option. There is unlimited storage space for fair usage and the backups are encrypted. Free backup tools are also available but must not be stored locally. If the site goes down and the backup is local it will be lost.

The Final Decision

Most professionals do not believe Bluehost is for serious bloggers. It is not considered a good solution at this time. The users must remain in control of their backups, optimization and security to remain successful. A lot of people believe this will change once EIG works out their growing pains. The reason so many users are unhappy with the service while others are not having any issues has not yet been determined. The bottom line is the service is currently considered risky.


What is SEO and What Can it do for Your Website and Business?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. When a user types in search words into a search engine, the search engine tries to give website results that are the most relevant to those words. The goal of a business website owner is to be at the top of the search results relevant to their business.

In a practical circumstance, suppose you are the most well-trained, best-educated, and have the most experience as a car mechanic in your area. You open your own shop and are ready for business. How will people know that you and your business exist? It would take the right type of advertising to put your business and expertise in front of the right people.

Search engines are trying to match website content to what their users are trying to find. So, how you write your website and blog content are important for your website to be found and placed at the top of the search results.

Use Variations of Words and Phrases

Since people use a variety of words or phrases to describe the same thing, for SEO purposes, it would be beneficial for you to use a variety of ways to say the same thing.

Using the mechanic scenario mentioned above, how many different ways might a person search for a mechanic to take their car to?

  • car mechanic, auto mechanic
  • car repair service, auto repair service
  • car repair shop, auto repair shop

It is also important to include your location of service throughout your website. It may also be helpful in this scenario to add car makers in your website. Sometimes, people may type Buick or Ford into a search engine when looking for a repair shop.

Think in Form of Questions When Writing Content

Most of the time when people are searching for information online, they do so in the form of a question. They start their inquiry with “how”, “what”, and “why”.

When writing content for your website and blog, instead of just trying to impute your knowledge, think about what answers people may be looking for relevant to your business. “How do I change spark plugs?”, “what is this red rash on my hands?”, “why should I have an annual physical?” may be questions relevant to your business.

By answering questions relevant to your business, you will be helping people find your website. You will also build a reputation as an expert in your field. Both of these results will bring more business your way.

SEO is important to your website and business because search engines are the prominent way that people are using to find the products and professional help they need. By applying a few SEO tips (thanks to Daniel Foley SEO Consultant, for the awesome tips), you will make it easier for those people to find you. Being consistent at it, your business will greatly benefit.

Should you have custom labels on your products?

If you have new products that you are planning on introducing to the market, you may be wondering if having custom labels on your products could help them sell.


What are custom labels? — These are labels (like custom labels in america) that are printed specifically for that product, and that impart some information about the product that may be important to the consumer wanting to buy it.


Should you have custom labels on your products then and, if so, what are the benefits?


Drawing attention to your product — At its very core, a Drawing attention to your product – can draw a customer’s attention to your product over that of your competitors.


Make sure any custom labels you have printed up are bright, very colorful and have a design that is likely to make someone stop and look again.


Drawing attention to why your product is special — Every company thinks and knows that their products are special, but they do not always have the ability to tell their customers why.


With the application of custom labels on your new products, however, you now have a special space where you can give your customer particularly information. Does your product do something competitors’ products do not? Is it made from all-natural ingredients? It is better value than anything else on the market? Include all this information on a custom label.


Making the product look attractive — People buy products that they like and that they think look beautiful. Have custom labels on your new products that are beautifully designed and make the product look even prettier, and chances are more people will buy them.


Just be sure, no matter what kind of custom labels you have printed, that they are always unusual and make people look a second time.


Top 3 Reasons to Buy the Google Chromebook

Google chromebooks have been out for sometime now and have become quite popular computers for every day use. While a Google chromebook is not the right computer for everybody, there are many reasons to own one and it should be in serious consideration when you are buying a new computer. Here are the top three reasons to buy the Google chromebook. Let’s go into the pros and cons of a chromebook in the following paragraphs.

What are Google Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks are small laptops that are considered base level machines. They are made by a variety of manufacturers and use a free operating system known as Android which was created by Google and that keeps the cost of the laptop down. Chromebooks often don’t have higher end features such as keyboards with backlighting and fast processors. Chromebooks are not high end laptops but can handle internet surfing, video streaming, and basic programs. They typically don’t have extensive memory storage options either but do have some base RAM to run the programs it needs to.

Affordable and Disposable

While the price of laptops have decreased in recent years, not everybody is in a financial position to purchase a high end laptop or personal computer. The Google chromebook was created to help individuals find an affordable laptop to use that doesn’t suffer much in lost functionality, and they mostly succeeded. The chromebook defines affordability with sufficient features for every day functionality without the high-end luxury features which are, honestly, Unecessary for the vast majority Of users. In addition, having a Google Chrome book is perfect even if you have a need for a high-end machine as you can bring a Google Chromebook on a vacation, to a coffee shop, or easily to a friends house without having to carry a heavy machine that you cannot bear to lose. Many people will use a Google chromebook as a secondary and more disposable laptop for this purpose and won’t suffer much financially if they drop it or lose it.

Compatible and Lightweight

Google chromebooks are light weight machines that can be carried with you easily in a backpack or large pocketbook. This makes Google chromebooks travel friendly and easy to bring on a vacation or on your daily commute. In addition, a Google chromebook is compatible with most programs as it is Android based as opposed to an Apple machine. While you may not be able to run large programs, modern chromebooks allow you to run most of the basic programs that you would be interested in using anyway and therefore are compatible with your day-to-day life.

Sufficient for Most Users for Day to Day Functionality

Not everybody needs a computer that can handle complex functionality such as programming, high-end gaming, and complex data algorithms. A Google Chromebook is sufficient for most computing tasks other than these high-end computing needs. Most people use their laptop for surfing the Internet, some basic word or spreadsheet like documents, and for handling their emails. For this functionality, a Google Chromebook is the perfect computer without the unnecessary cost.

Custom Stickers For Promotion

Custom printed stickers are becoming a favorite way of promoting for businesses of all sizes as it is a way for the customer to remember the company and have the information in a way that is easy to keep track of. While many of the stickers naturally won’t amount to much, they are an inexpensive way to reach a lot of people that still will end up resulting in a more significant amount of people coming to the company for services later on. When most companies get custom sticker printing, they are handed out at every available opportunity. Those customers with children especially take well to this type of promotion as it is something that they accept for their children, but it ends up they keep the information for the company and turn to it later when they are looking for that type of services.

Although the stickers can be a great tool what is even more important is the interaction that is had with the potential customer when they are given the label. Because those that have excellent communication are not only more likely to accept the sticker but put it in a place that they will have it for later when they do something that the company may offer. In the end, many things determine how effective stickers can be as a promoting tool such as how they will get to the customer, the interaction with potential customers, and what type of company it is that you have. If you have a very high-end company that is promoting only to those that have a higher budget and income, then the stickers are likely going to seem cheap and not work for your company in the promotion.

However, the majority of companies that are promoting to the general public for a variety of services and products can be an excellent way to get remembered. When pushing in this way to be effective, you want to have all the contact information on the sticker for the business so that the customer does not have to spend more time after that looking up the information on the company. The next thing that you want is the general services that you do because it could be months later when that sticker pays off and the customer should know what the company does. The last thing of course for it to be active with the customer is that the label be memorable and straightforward that way when they look at the sticker they remember the interaction that they had with the employee or owner or the company and have an idea on why it is they kept the label in the first place. When these things are done stickers can be handy as it is something that customers won’t lose as quickly due to it having that sticky back that they can put on whatever they deem appropriate and is still something simple that won’t take an up a lot of room from the customer.

Tips for learning how to ride a hoverboard

Hoverboards have played a vital role in science fiction and fantasy movies like “back to the future”. We’ve been asking for them for years and now they’re finally available for purchase by the public. But, although they are still a totally cool product, they aren’t exactly what we imagined.

The hoverboards of today (Rolab) may not float several inches above the ground or travel at impossible speeds like Marty Mcfly’s, they are catching on in popularity. But, there’s a popular question among people who are slightly less coordinated than normal. How hard is it to learn how to ride one of those things.

In truth it isn’t any harder than learning anything else for the first time. Once you understand that if you control your body you control the board, things get a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Here’s how it works:


Find a good place to brace yourself the first time you ride. Maybe there’s a good spot for you outdoors but if not you’ll want to find an option indoors. Until you get the hang of

It you’ll need to support yourself on a counter, a fence or anything that will allow you to eventually stand straight up with your feet controlling the board.


Try moving back and forth, using a combination of your feet and the rest of your body’s direction to control the board. Once you feel confident with that you can move on to trying to move one side of the board at a time. This is how you’ll turn the board while riding it.


Now it’s time to try a test ride to see how comfortable you are with riding the board. Try going forward and then back until you feel unsteady on the board. Try turning l. It’s important to try new moves so you can understand how the board flows with your body.


Once you’ve mastered going around the house and driveway or garage it’s time for the moment of truth. Go for a ride.

It’s important to remember that riding a hoverboard is a lot like riding a bike. Everyone is going to learn at a different rate, so dont feel bad if you fall a few more times than your buddies.

Ideas for Growing Your Instagram Account

You would love to reach more people with the Instagram account that you have set up. You work hard on the pictures that you add to that account and you want to have a lot of people seeing those pictures. It is important for you to know what it will take for you to grow your account and for you to then get to work growing it. There are some things that you can be doing each day as you go online that can help you reach more people with your account and get them to follow you. Make sure that you know how to stretch your reach and how to bring in more followers.

Get Instagram Followers by Following Others:

If you are trying to grow an Instagram account and you are not sure how to do that, you should think about who you would like to have following the account. You should think about the account’s focus and who is going to be interested in the content that you are sharing on the account. You should go through Instagram and look for accounts that are similar to the one that you are running. Follow those accounts and comment on some of the pictures that they have shared. Do not mess with those accounts or spam them, but simply comment helpful comments on their pictures. Let them know that you are out there, and allow their followers to see you in the comments. You will get followers by reaching out and following others and making your presence known.

Get Instagram Followers by Hosting Giveaways and Reaching Out to Family:

It is important that you get all of your friends and family members to follow your Instagram account if you want that account to grow. You should get those you know in real life to follow you and you should also get them to share your account with those in their lives who they feel would be interested in what you are posting. You should also think about hosting a giveaway to get more people to follow your account. You can use a giveaway as an excuse for your friends and family to share your profile. You can also get all of your other followers to share your account when you are hosting a giveaway. If you are looking to gain followers, a giveaway can be a lot of help. You do not have to give away something that is worth a ton of money, just start with something small.

You Can Make Your Instagram Account a Big Deal:

If you are committed to making your Instagram account a big deal, you can find ways to grow it and expand your reach. You should work on making the account better. You should focus your attention on reaching out to others and getting them to see what you have to offer. If you would like to grow your account and you are committed to doing that, you will see big things happening soon.

Finally, you can also buy Instagram followers to help you jump start the growth of your account.

Your Business Card Is More Important Than You Think

It is hard to believe that with the use of websites and social media that your business card can actually be a useful tool when it comes to marketing your business. Business cards can do more than give out your information. Here are some tips on how to successfully use your business card when it comes to promoting your business.

Include Testimonials

Customers always love to hear about other customers’ experiences. Add a couple of positive testimonials on the back of the card. This is a useful way to use space that is usually left empty.

Tracking Device

Most likely you have some sort of analytics in place to monitor the success of your website. Well, do the same with your business card. Add a QR code or an SKU scan to your card and include some incentives like a coupon or a discount for the recipient to use if they visit your website. You can track if the potential customer used the business card to drive up your traffic on your website. If it did not, consider changing your incentives or card.

Fun and Games

Figure out a way to entertain your card recipient. Add some fun facts about your city or even your business. Or create some clues that will lead them into your business. By being creative and making it fun, your card and business will stand out.

A Face to go With The Name

You have included all your important information on your business cards like your address, phone number, web address, and social media outlets, but have you thought to include your own face? People like being able to put a face with a name. This will allow you to seem more personable and more familiar. It will also help you to stand out from your competition.

Support a Cause

What social causes does your business support? Let potential customers know exactly what you stand for. It can be a simple line on your card stating the cause that you support. This will allow potential customers to get a better understanding of who you are and what it is that drives you.

A Purpose

Everyone knows that the purpose of a business card is to get information into the hands of a potential client or customer. However, how do you keep the card from being tossed into the waste can? You give it a purpose. Turn your business card into a calendar, a bookmark, a sticky note, a sticker, or even a coupon. This will help the recipient to hold on to the card instead of throwing it away.

Meaningful exchange

Sometimes the interaction of handing out your business card can make the biggest impression on your potential customer. In this day and age, we spend more time looking at our smartphone instead of at people, a brief conversation with someone will make a greater impact than just allowing them to walk away with a card.

If you wish to find a professional to design and print your business cards for you, take a look at printing business cards in Vancouver.