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Importance of using an ergonomic mouse

There are several reasons why using an ergonomic mouse is important. It is going to going to cost you more money to buy an ergonomic mouse, but all of these reasons are going to show you that it is going to be well worth it in the long run. Plus you will be able to avoid all of the expenses that could happen if you are using a normal type of mouse. Some of the common problems that can happen when you use a normal mouse instead of an ergonomic mouse is pain at the top of the hand, pain around the wrist, pain along the forearm and elbow, and numbness and tingling in thumb and index finger.

The first reason is that it is going to provide a more natural grip than some of the other types of mouse. This is because it is going to fit the natural size and shape of your hand. Therefore, you have less chances of any fatigue in your tendons and muscles in your hand, elbow, and arm.

The second reason is that the best ergonomic mouse is going to help a person to have a better natural position for their hand and wrist. This is because it is going to maintain the natural position of the wrist even if you are working with the mouse. Therefore, you will not twist your forearm while you are using this mouse.

The third reason is that it is going to reduce any effort or energy that you have to use when you are using the mouse. Since you are going to have a good grip on the mouse, you will use less pressure on your wrist. Therefore, your wrist is not going to be stressed while you are using the mouse.

The fourth reason why the ergonomic mouse is so important is because you are going to be more comfortable. When the mouse fits your hand better, it reduces the unnatural posture of your hand, which means that you are going to be a lot more comfortable. Your wrist will be able to move around a lot easier with this type of mouse since it will be less stressed.

The fifth reason is that you will have better support for your wrist. This means that you will be able to improve your productivity. This is because you will be able to work for a longer period of time. A normal mouse will usually cause fatigue and ache and you don’t have to worry about that with an ergonomic mouse. Less fatigue in your wrist is going to help to concentrate on the work that needs to be done.

The last reason is that it is going to help you to reduce the chances of developing a repetitive stain injury in your wrist. Any type of hand movement with a normal mouse is going to cause a lot of tension and stress in your hands, shoulders, and forearms. But if the ergonomic mouse, it is designed to fit your hand more naturally.

Laptop Ideas for Children

Children are no different than adults in their draw towards using a laptop computer. The issue is finding one that is durable enough for a kid. Features must be available that will provide enough entertainment value that will keep the child from getting bored with it, but at the same time cost effective to the consumer. Children are extreme hard on their toys so one will want to carefully review the options available to ensure the laptop purchase will be long lasting. Features children seek out when using a laptop include portability, audio and video quality, gaming capability, and web browsing availability.

Portability is a must since kids wish to take their gadgets with them when sleeping over a friend’s house or on a family vacation. The weight of the laptop is relevant since kids do not want to walk from point A to point B lugging around a 10 pound computer. A model that is too heavy will likely be dropped, damaged, or can cause a child to be fatigued or even cause an injury to their back. Sound is relevant to a child and a good set of speakers with a microphone is a desirable feature for a kid’s laptop. Children want to video and audio chat, listen to music, and watch movies and videos on their laptop. Gaming is important and, upon choosing a laptop for kids, one will want to ensure the ability to play both offline and online. Browsing the web including networking and social media is a must have for kids. Most chat with friends while connecting with others while on their laptop. Laptops recommended that include all of these attributes include the Goldengulf 7, HP Stream 11, and the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus laptop.

The Goldengulf 7 Android laptop works well for kids whether it is their first computer system or if they are on second one. The seven inch screen keeps this laptop sleek making it easy to transport and to type on. The Goldengulf 7 weighs only a pound and a half making portability simple. This laptop is equipped with everything a child needs including basic media for watching videos, movies, downloading music, reviewing pictures, web browsing, and video and audio chatting. The Goldengulf 7 has a SD card which permits the user additional media and file storage. The battery life runs at two hours yet can easily get charged up while on the go. This is a high quality computer that will withstand the wear and tear a kid can put on it.

The HP Stream 11 comes with an 11.6 inch screen yet remains under three pounds for ease of transport. The larger screen is advantageous for gaming, browsing the web, listening to music, movie watching, and video chats. The life of the battery is over eight hours and it comes with a one year free trial of the full MS Office program. The Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus sports a 13 inch touchscreen with Quad HD that brings videos and images crystal clear. This laptop is quicker since it has an Intel Core i7 which makes surfing the web a lot quicker as well as watching videos, listening to music, and gaming more enjoyable. Samsung apps come with the ATIV Book 9 which includes e-books, educational, and entertainment apps which are designed for usage on the touchscreen.

The New Technological Advancement in the Gaming World

The world is becoming more advanced and modernized with every passing second. New, unbelievably amazing and extremely shocking advancements are being made in the world of tech and the gaming world has changed due to it too. The mainstream 1980s have long gone and the video games have come a long way. Let us look at some of the great advancements in tech, which have revolutionized the gaming world.

    Facial Recognition

The time has come when your computer really “knows” who you are. The facial recognition technology with 3D scanning has allowed the systems to actually create your likeness in the gaming world allowing you to create a custom avatar of yourself in the game. You can inventively transfer your expressions to digital creations and some great Intel RealSense 3D cameras even allow you to copy emotions in games. Developers have created games that adapt to human emotions by scanning 78 points on a person’s face. How cool is that?

    Voice Recognition

Are you a lazy gamer who is just lying around on the couch and wants to play a game but too lazy to pick up the controller? Well, no problem at all because the voice-controlled gaming has come around. The computers are now able to recognize your voice commands and not only turn your console on and off but also control the game play too. You can browse the web, have a look at your social media and play selections from your media library by simply uttering commands to your PC or game system.

Gesture Control

Boy oh Boy! Does this not excite you more than ever? With the latest Intel RealSense technology in the market, you can get rid of the controller altogether and enjoy your games by gestures. You can play first person shooter games or simply interact with your device with just a few waves with your hand. The devices use a 3D camera and track 22 separate points in your hand. By using the natural movements of your body, you can really connect with the gaming experience.

    Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR headsets are becoming common nowadays which allow you to get fully immersed in the gaming experience like never before. If the virtual world isn’t your thing then you have augmented reality where you are not confined to a TV or a computer and play games with your very own unique perspective. These games maneuver spaces within the real world and make the objects of gaming world applicable to real life situations. For example, you can make puzzles on your room wall and play table hockey on your living room table or kitchen counter.

    Wearable tech

Whether they are Smart watches, glasses or wristbands, the wearable tech is making the games portable. Companies are using this technology to incorporate entertainment for the gamers. While other gaming devices made you confined to a couch, wearable tech is making you leave that old couch and explore the world too. These techs are not only extensions of your body but extensions of the gaming consoles that you love and know so well.


Game Consoles of 2016

Choosing the right game console is a hard decision to make. Game consoles are specially made and pre-packaged computers that are designed for playing video games on your television. There are three real players in town when it comes to game consoles and they are Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Microsoft and Sony provide some powerful gaming consoles. Xbox One and Xbox 360 by Microsoft and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 by Sony are some gamer dream consoles. Nintendo has its own charm with Wii U consoles, which are family friendly and have exclusive games like Zelda and Mario. Let us take a look at some great gaming consoles that you can buy in 2016.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has come out with some spectacular graphics, exclusive gameplay to provide you with some extraordinary entertainment. You can explore vivid game worlds with some very cool and rich visuals with up to 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling for video content. It is compatible with every PS4 game and allows you to play online with other PS4 players too. It supports faster frame rates to deliver super sharp action to gamers on select PS4 games. The console has a 1TB hard drive which works well with all PS4 games, accessories, and apps. It outputs an HDR and 4K signal which is compatible with high-end TVs.

However, the reviews about this console say that it only shows noticeable improvements for some limited number of games. Another drawback is that it does not play Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray discs.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Microsoft’s Xbox One S has come with 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, and HDR. You can play all the greatest game lineups including the Xbox 360 classic games on this console. It is also 40% smaller than the old Xbox console. But this little thing has a 2TB of internal storage making it the most advanced Xbox ever. You can experience colors that are more luminous with higher contrast ratio between darks and lights on this console. It has a high dynamic range technology, which really brings out the true visual depths of the game. It is a slick device, which works great with Bluetooth devices as well. The drawbacks of the device are that its 4K, HDR and Ultra HR Blu-ray setting only work with newer television sets and many require trial and error first. Thou this updated controller feels cheap as compared to its predecessor if you already have a Xbox then there is no use in upgrading rather you should wait for the most powerful Xbox One successor, Project Scorpio which is set to come in late 2017.