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Finding the Best Cameras for Kids

Any parent will have some experience with their child trying to grab their cell phone or digital camera in order to take a photo. While you may allow your children to do so occasionally, doing so poses the risk that your child will want to do so again, and potentially lead to destroying your prized possession. To counter this, many parents will buy their children their own children’s camera which may provide entertainment for your child or serve as protection on your own expensive device. There are many different models of kid’s cameras out there and some of them have unique features that may appeal to you based on the age and experience of your children. Here are some of the key factors behind the best kid’s cameras that are out there.

Kid’s Cameras for Really Small Children

Small children under three won’t benefit from a real camera the way other bigger kids do, although that won’t stop them from trying to play with your device. There are many different toy kid’s cameras that help to fill in the gap before real cameras can be used. Any play children’s camera such as the ones typically available at less than $20 will work here. Just make sure there are interactive buttons and sounds that children under three enjoy pressing and playing with. Once they get older some more advanced features will be more appreciated.

Kid’s Cameras for Older Children

While older kids may try to take photos, the typically do not take many quality pictures, and resolution, zoom, and other high-end features are not so important. What is, however, is finding cameras with additional features such as the ability to play games, music, and adjust photos with different filters and tags. These features will add to the play ability of these cameras and allow them to become more introduced to the various features of the kids digital camera so they can continue to grow. Some kids cameras allow you to print photos instantly, but come with the negative of a higher cost associated with printing each photo. It is often better to stick to a device that has its own internal memory storage so that you can download those keepers and delete the mindless photos that many children take. Focus on cameras that are durable and won’t easily break to maximize the length that their camera survives.

Best Camera for Kids

The Vtech Kidizoom, which comes in many derivations, is a well-known camera that works for kids. It is highly durable, attractively colored, and has many fun games and other features that let your children play for extended periods of time. The Vtech kidizoom is an affordable model to use particularly if you go back a generation or two and get a steep discount. Also look for waterproofing options for a great camera fir your children that can stands all the rigor of tough use.


Simple iPhone Repairs That You Can Perform at Home Using Very Few Tools

Customers love their iPhones, but many people dislike the way Apple handles its warranties and insurance policies. The company fiercely guards its intellectual property. Apple expects you to go into in an Apple retail store if you need a repair. There are thankfully a few very simple fixes that may interest you if you’re looking to avoid spending excess money repairing your phone.

Operating System Issues

You can usually repair Apple operating system issues on your own. Apple’s iOS is integrated into the hardware seamlessly, so it’s very rare that you’ll need to repair it. If the phone’s interface appears bugged or broken, then you should consider doing a hard reset of the operating system. Factory resets are a great option if you’re not sure about the specific problem you’re dealing with. You won’t lose your data if you back it up onto the iCloud storage system.

Turn the phone off. Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer, and insert the power cord into the USB slot of your PC or Mac. Plug the cable into your iPhone. Hold down the volume and power button. A support screen should appear on the iPhone. Now check your PC or Mac. Select the option that allows you to restore your iPhone. The recovery may take a few minutes, but this should complete the installation. You will see the startup interface when you access your phone. You can now complete the installation process. Use your Apple ID to access your old files and folders.

Screen Replacement

iPhone screens are durable, but they’re not invulnerable. If your iPhone isn’t insured, then you can try buying a screen and replacing it yourself. This only takes about five minutes if you know what you’re doing. Turn the iPhone off. You’ll need a pentalobe screwdriver, a suction cup and tweezers. Remove the screws and use the suction cup to pull the screen out. You’ll to pry the sides with the tweezers or another thin object.

Carefully remove the remaining clamps that attach the screen to the phone. You can now install the new screen. Remove the pieces still screwed to the screen and attach them to the new screen the same way. You should install the new screen by reattaching the clamps and putting the screws back into the phone. The whole process is pretty simple, so consider giving it a try if you have an old iPhone that needs its screen replaced.

Changing the Battery

Replacing an iPhone battery is also very easy. You can simply remove the pentalobe screws and use the suction cup method described earlier to take the screen off. Now you can simply use a tri-wing screwdriver to remove the inner screws around the battery. Carefully pry the battery out with a thin object and replace it. Simply pop the battery out and reassemble the phone. It’s a very good idea to use a visual guide to make sure you don’t mess anything up. You can also use a service if you don’t want to follow instructions on where to replace iphone battery. That’s probably the most convenient option for most of you out there.


Ways AI is Transforming Every Facet of the Healthcare Industry

Robotic Surgery

Using AI to assist doctors with surgical procedures can improve patient outcomes. Surgeon skills vary, and new experimental procedures may be a challenge for doctors. Robot surgery can reduce amount of variation in procedures. Healthcare systems are now integrating new data to help these robots learn at a faster rate. Machine learning is being used to identify the best ways to use the new AI systems. This technology is very new, but it’s accelerating at a rapid pace. Data analytics systems are being used in conjunction with machine learning to quickly identify areas of interest for further research. Some analysts believe robots will be able to complete entire surgical procedures within 50 years. Surgeons are now getting a better understanding of ways AI can be used to complete very specific procedures. The digital feedback can also be analyzed to consider ways these operations can be improved in the future.

Virtual Nursing Assistants

Virtual nursing assistants can constantly monitor patients, so this technology may be extremely useful. This AI technology is similar to the kind found in home virtual assistant devices, but the machines may be set up to monitor a patient’s heart rate or blood pressure and automatically recommend a solution. These systems can remind patients to go to appointments or take medication, and they may be combined with robotics to complete routine bedside procedures in hospitals. This is a very exciting area of AI because many of these systems could be implemented within the next decade. AI chat bots could also be used to instruct a patient about medication side effects. These powerful AI chat bots could be placed in decentralized systems. Patients may be able to ask about them on their smartphone or in specific standalone devices at the hospital. One technology consulting firm believes that implementation of these systems could save the United States $20 billion in annual healthcare costs.

Administrative Workflow Help

Paperwork comprises a large part of high healthcare costs, so AI can be used to coordinate these systems efficiently. AI can identify medical errors or other issues that may slow down the paperwork process. Medical billing and coding could also be automated. These systems will automatically identify data in records and translate it to the codes needed to bill patients and third-party companies. The AI systems could automatically consolidate these records to make them easier for data mining. Routine administrative tasks could also be automated. If a patient needs to be called about a specific issue, then an automatic AI-assisted notification could be sent out. AI chat bots could also handle specific inquires related to billing over the phone. Analysts believe effective implementation of these systems could save $18 billion annually.

If you want to read about this fascinating topic, check out this interview from Cody Moxam.


An Depth Security Camera Guide For Homeowners

Security cameras have become much more prevalent because there are greater needs to secure the premises of a home. A homeowner that has a security camera in place that can record and monitor activities when packages are delivered. Other people are interested in getting the wireless security camera can possibly ward off potential burglars that may be considering breaking into the homes.

Quality Resolution

Getting a security camera with a quality resolution is a big part of securing your home. If the camera has low quality there is a good chance that the picture will be distorted for whoever may be intruding on your premises. This does not help police officers identify the person that may have invaded your personal space. It is good to look at high quality cameras that are going to provide you with video footage that is crisp and clear.

Night Vision

Another thing that you should pay attention to when you were looking at security cameras is the night vision feature. It is not a good idea to assume that all cameras are going to have night vision. Unless this is specified there is not going to be a night vision feature. People that are trying to go the extra step of the way with their security cameras must seek night vision because this is typically the time where most homes are going to be burglarized.

The night vision quality is also something that is worth your time to pay attention to. Some cameras will have a night vision feature, but it will be tremendously downgraded from what the regular vision for the camera is. That is something that is worth paying attention to. If the night vision is very poor it is almost useless to have this type of feature.

Going Wireless

Another good thing for people that are interested in security cameras is the wireless security camera option. There are going to be some cameras that have this type of possibility so it is a good idea to look at wireless cameras for the home. If you have wireless router it becomes very easy to set up your camera with an IP address where it is accessible from your phone. That is easier than trying to run an Ethernet jack to wherever the camera may be mounted.

Doorbell Camera

One of the biggest innovations in the world of the wireless security camera is the doorbell camera. This has become something of a phenomenon for all of those people that are interested in catching intruders that come up to the home and steal packages during the day while the homeowners are at work. This is a great camera concept where people are getting notifications when someone is near their door.

These cameras come in a lot of different flavors, but the most common one is a security camera that has a battery backup. There are also cameras that can be hardwired with the doorbell. People that are looking at these types of security cameras need to focus on whether their previous doorbell works. If the doorbell does have the ability to hard wire the camera with the wires from the doorbell.
If their doorbell does not work, however, they are going to need the battery pack to power the camera. People that are getting these types of cameras that have battery packs should consider getting one that has two battery packs. A battery pack and take a long time to charge so it helps to have two in place so the one that is dead can be swapped out with the one that is already charged.

Peephole Camera

There are some security cameras that are small enough to even be placed in the peephole area. This is a very discreet camera, and this is what some people prefer. When there is someone at the door the homeowner has the ability to view this from the camera. They can set up their app where they can view who is standing at your door without even getting up from their room to do this. That tends to be a convenient feature for security cameras that have the ability to fit into peepholes for people that have these types of doors.

This type of wireless security camera concepts work well because it allows people to upload the video feed on their apps. This allows people to get the notifications and see what is going on even when they are not home. Some of these doorbell cameras even allow people to respond to someone that is at the door. This is an advanced security camera concept that is not available with all cameras, but this definitely strengthens the level of security. When people have these types of cameras no one will really know if they are not home.

Checking the Online Reviews

The thing that any homeowner wants to do before they buy a wireless security camera is check the reviews. There is always going to be a wide range of different reviews on any security camera, but it helps to have opinions from people that have already utilized these cameras. It is easy to get lured into buying a camera based on the advertising that the company is doing. It works to your advantage to look at reviews where people can tell you if these cameras are not exactly performing the way that it has been described to perform.

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The Differences In Bluehost Service Now That EIG Has Taken Over

The New Bluehost

By now everyone has heard that EIG took over Bluehost. But what about the changes this has resulted in? Site owners have experienced issues with their sites going down, no available support and losing their data. Other site owners have been satisfied with the new service. EIG is the parent company of numerous hosting companies including Bluehost, Host Gator and ASO. Most of their issues are believed to be growing pains.

The Shared Servers

The most common issue with Bluehost is the sites of their users go down as often as thirty minutes per day. Bluehost is often enable to migrate these users to an alternate server. If too large a portion of the shared server’s resources are used the site can be temporarily blocked. This is because their shared servers are packed with sites. On occasion entire sites have been lost. There are numerous complaints regarding the lack of or ineffectiveness of support management. The most common complaint is their knowledge does not surpass general tech support. There have also been instances where sites have referred back to where they were years before. The best piece of advice is for all site owners to consistently back up their sites.

The Affiliate Program

Bluehost is inexpensive. The entry cost is just $7.99 per month. Their affiliate program has an extremely high payout with a high of $64 for each referral including the base referrals. Many of the site hosts are unfamiliar with the technical side and are not receiving the assistance they require. Any issues can be handled with developer communities familiar with these situations. This being said there are still numerous clients not experiencing any issues.

The Contract

One of the issues is many site owners have a contract. This means if they choose to leave Bluehost and break their contracts the fees can get extremely expensive. The cost for consistent backups is approximately $10 each month and highly recommended. This often includes a secure remote backup, a test restore option and an auto restore option. There is unlimited storage space for fair usage and the backups are encrypted. Free backup tools are also available but must not be stored locally. If the site goes down and the backup is local it will be lost.

The Final Decision

Most professionals do not believe Bluehost is for serious bloggers. It is not considered a good solution at this time. The users must remain in control of their backups, optimization and security to remain successful. A lot of people believe this will change once EIG works out their growing pains. The reason so many users are unhappy with the service while others are not having any issues has not yet been determined. The bottom line is the service is currently considered risky.